Typhoon Air Sprayer
Creates a Typhoon effect to remove dirt from hard to reach areas that other methods cant reach Does not use crevice tools or brushing, so perfect for cleaning delicate surfaces such as head linings, convertible roofs and leather upholstery Adjustable chemical application allows greater flexibility with the amount of chemical required VEHICLE INTERIOR:Hard to reach areas, vents, seat belt holders and seat rails, gearshift boot, door pockets, joins between trim.Delicate surfaces – leather, head linings, suede effect upholstery, switchgear, sat nav screens.Cleaning and restoring texture to floor mats and upholstery. VEHICLE EXTERIOR: Hard to reach areas panel gaps, trim, around badges, crevices in truck chassis Removing water or polish residue from crevices, grilles and panel gaps Light / medium under bonnet clean Wheel Convertible roof, Motorcycles. Large surface areas such as trucks and agricultural vehicles.

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