Coral Fleece 70cm x 40cm Grey / Pink Cloth 1200gsm
1200 gsm Composite Coral Fleece car cleaning cloth and drying towel. Extra thick and super absorbent for car, home, office and general purpose cleaning. Microfibre towels ensure the super water absorption ability whilst being strong and durable, with a performance that will dry quickly, and reduce the need for wringing. High-quality microfibers are positively charged and can attract dirt like magnets when dry. Versatility for wet or dry use; these microfibre towels can be used as car wash towels, car polishing and car drying towels. As much at home for use in the bathroom as being used for window glass cleaning towels, or as for car interiors and exterior. Machine washable, dryable, high density, can be used repeatedly without loss of quality.
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