Autojoy T.F.R with Snow Foam 5 Litre
Traffic Film Remover and Snow Foam 5 Litre Super thick high foam concentrate Effective cleaning of vehicles. Lifts off grime For use on all types of car wash equipment Snow Foam and Traffic Film Remover and Degreaser is a specially formulated high foaming product. This super thick high foam, neutral cleaner contains a blend of detergents, wetting agents, formers and sequestering agents for the removal of traffic film, grease, insects and dirt from all car & commercial vehicles. The foam acts like a sponge, drawing the dirt into the foam and pulling it gently down the vehicle. Rinse off to leave a streak free finish. Produces blanket of thick white mouse style clinging foam. Use with special foam lance. For use on trucks, chassis, engines, trailers, curtains, buses, coaches and heavily soiled cars.
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