Autojoy Snow Foam (Bubblegum Aroma) 5 Litre
Ph Neutral!!! Completely safe on all paint finishes. Does not strip wax!!!! Superior cleaning action!!!!!! Reduces need for contact washing, therefore minimising risk of swirls Use by hand or best with the Gilmour Foamaster or foam lance. Just put in the pot, bucket or machine add some car shampoo and foam away to your hearts content. This product produces a good quality foam that will not harm any paintwork and is fully bio-degradeable.Best used in WELLYS!!!SNOWFOAM is a high performance bodywork cleaner Removes built up dirt and high levels of traffic film Can be diluted 9-1 Snowfoam combines specialised detergents to provide superb foaming and cleaning performance coupled with exceptional economy in use. Where high foaming is required, foam sprayers and air injection techniques may be employed. For manual application dilute and apply via cloth or sponge.

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