Autojoy Shampoo with Snowfoam 5 Litre
Autojoy 2 in 1 Car Shampoo & Snow Foam provides deep cleaning action which is tough on dirt and road grime. The PH neutral formula is gentle enough for use on all paintwork types. • Perfect for use as a snow foam • PH neutral - safe for all paintwork finishes • Removes dirt and traffic film fast • Achieve a dense Snow Foam in foam cannons • Gentle on wax & sealant layers For use as a Snow Foam: 1. Rinse vehicle first 2. Mix 1 part shampoo with 9 parts water and pour into Snow Foam Cannon reservoir 3. Connect your foam gun to the pressure washer and spray over vehicle starting from the bottom, working up towards the roof 4. Leave to work for approx. 5 minutes and rinse vehicle from the top down For use as a Shampoo: 1. Rinse off loose dirt 2. Pour approximately 15-30ml of shampoo into a bucket and add warm water 3. Apply with a sponge or car wash brush 4. Rinse off with clean water and dry with chamois or microfibre cloth
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