Concept Factory Finish Silver for Wheels 450ml
Advanced Paint System: Technologically advanced acrylic formulation for durability and flexibility. Suitable for application to both metal and many plastic surfaces.Super Coverage: High solids formulation gives enhanced coverage allowing for a fast and truly professional standard of finish. Factory Match: Specially developed to give an original factory finish. NOTE Initial application brightness of this professional high solids wheel silver is a natural feature of the finish. The toned down final OE colour becomes apparent when fully dry. Directions for Use: Preparation: Prepare surfaces by lightly sanding with wet or dry paper. Ensure that surfaces are clean, dry and free from dirt, oil, wax etc. Application: Shake can vigorously for 2 minutes after the agitator balls are heard moving. Spray from a distance of 10-12! (25-30cm). Apply a light mist coat, leave for 20 seconds, then apply a full cross coat. Allow 10 minutes before any further coats. Leave for 24 hours to harden

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