Autojoy Budget Super Concentrated T.F.R. 4 x 5 Litres
Because of the latest legislation on UN numbers and chemicals carrier companies are now not letting me send this product in anything over a 5 litre container but I can send as many as I like in 5 litre containers as long as the UN number is on the box!!! Madness rules as ever in Europe!!! So I have made a special price if you order 4 x 5 Litres to compensate some!!! This is the most economical way to buy T.F.R.This will make at least 200lts of std T.F.R.Pour into an empty drum and use the bottom fill method? carefully!.This product is so strong it will bite back.If you have a monster dirty one to clean try this you have been warned!!! It all depends on the job in hand as to how strong or weak you require the product to be.It has been known for some car washes to use it at 40.1 now thats economy!!!

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