Concept Zirconite Ceramic Spray 500mls
Zirconite Nano Ceramic Spray 500mls TOTAL EXTERIOR LONG-LIFE SURFACE PROTECTION Maintains a brilliant high-gloss showroom finish, with no more conventional waxing. A unique nanoengineered ceramic coating which cures to form a strong chemical bond to paintwork and other hard substrates: paintwork, plastics, chrome, aluminium, glass and wheels - giving typically minimum 12 months paintwork durability. SEALS & PROTECTS AGAINST THE HARSHEST OF ENVIRONMENTS Contains unique UV screens to lock-out harmful atmospheric degradation. Unaffected by repeated washing cycles: Tests show that this molecular engineered ceramic coating maintains its protective integrity even after 20 wash cycles with caustic (high pH 13.5) traffic film removers. REPELS DIRT Super nano-hydrophobic coating delivers dramatic water sheeting properties minimising paintwork water spotting. ‘Lotus leaf effect’ ensures surfaces stay cleaner for longer, repelling dirt and soiling.

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