Concept Squeaky Glass Cleaner 750mls
Brilliant:Clear and squeaky clean Leaves glass and plastic surfaces sparkingly Really Fast: Just aim, spray and polish off. Task Force Spray: Removes haze dirt, grime, stains, finger marks, nicotine, flies and more. No Come Backs: No white streaks – no coloured rainbow haze. Safe: No abrasives, no silicones, no ammonia. Directions: Apply sparingly, wipe over area to lift dirt; polish dry with clean cloth. (for finest results on large plate glass work in sections) Do not apply in direct sunlight. Where to Use: On vehicles: Cars, coaches, buses, caravans, taxis, trains etc. In the Glazing Industry: for glazed unit assembly and replacement window installation. In Leisure: Showrooms, shop display cases, restaurants, hotels, pubs etc. On What: Glass windows, windscreens, mirrors, covers, casings, laminate shelving, ceramic tiles.

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