Powerful Advance Headlamp Repair Polish 20ml + Sponge
The most hydrophobic, long lasting headlight solution that your car needs right now! Description: 100% Brand New and High Quality! 1. The effective elimination of scratches in vehicles is to solve the problems of light weight and yellowing, oxidation, etc. 2. Simple operation, high transparency and strong adhesion. 3. perpetual lamp life. 4. Without disassembly, it can solve various problems, such as scratch, yellowing, rusting and blurring. Features: • No More Scratch, Blur, Oxidation! Powerfully remove & protect from scratches. Effectively remove haze and corrosion from the lenses. • Dual Polish + Coating Like New! Protect your car paint from 5 automobile aging factors: Scratch, Stain, UV Light, Rain, Dust. No more fading, weather, fog, sunlight erosion, acid rain, industry powder & pollution. • Ultimate UV Protection 20ml+Sponge

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