Concept Xpert60 Nano Express Wax 500mls
NANO EXPRESS WAX PROFESSIONAL SPEED WAX! 500mls ? Nano technology carnauba-based wax delivers incredible speed of application and durable protection for paintwork. ? Wax a complete car in 30 minutes or less! ? Leaves a ‘wet-look’ high gloss long lasting finish which repels dirt and water for easy repeat cleaning. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Ensure paint surface is clean and avoid working in direct sunlight. Shake well before use. Apply a small amount of Nano Express Wax to a clean moist Xpert-60 Polish Applicator Pad.. Spread a thin, even coat across the paint surface. Allow to ‘haze’ and use a clean, dry XPERT-60 Microfibre Detailing Cloth to buff to a high gloss shine.

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