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Hello, my car is a solid black high gloss paint with no protective lacquer, this is the bane of my life as l use my car daily and regularly put on display varied car shows throughout the midlands. Whatever l clean my car with from detailer to full wax irrespective of any type of cloth used and l have tried many my paint always ends up with holograms and swirls. Many times l have been back to the paint shop to find the cause, other than soft paint for some unknown reason 4 years onward. Presta Swirl Remover is the only product that saves me from embarrassment come judging time, easy to apply even by hand as l do using minimal amounts possible and it brings the paint alive, with no holo`s or swirls at all. Yes l am aware that each time l use this product l am taking a layer of paint off, this l have to accept safe in the knowledge there is a lot of paint on the car so it will hopefully be a few years before l have to consider another respray. Fantastic product if like myself you are suffering similar issues do not hesitate to try this product. l am in no way connected to this company should anyone ask.

Rated by amanda gray
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