Liquid Shine High Cut 500mls
HOW TO USE:Liquid Shine High Cut 500mls To be used on a clean and properly cured surface, avoiding hot surfaces and direct sunlight. Apply a small quantity of HIGH CUT onto the foam pad, place the foam onto the surface to be rectified and start the machine, moving the polisher in a circular motion. Clean the surface with a sort micofibre once the operation is finished. A high cut and high gloss compound for use on fresh and cured paint. Capable of removing 1500 grit sanding scratches and for use on automotive paints, marine gelcoats and composite surfaces. Silicone, wax and filler free. Capable of removing P1500 grit sanding marks. Capable of removing minor defects and heavy oxidisation. Water based and biodegradeable.High gloss.Designed for all paint types. For a perfect finish and high shine repeat the process with the ZERO SWIRL polish

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