AirVidox Virus & Bacteria Eliminator Kit Dealer pack 5 Kits
AirVidox Virus & Bacteria Eliminator Dealer pack 5 kits The Airvidox Virus & Bacteria Eliminator kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in a single treatment. It is suitable for both fabric and leather vehicle interiors. Before treating, remove all loose items such as clothing and tissues from the vehicle. How It Works The AirVidox Virus and Bacteria Eliminator release a measured dose of dry Chlorine Dioxide gas. Chlorine Dioxide is most commonly used in water treatment and food sanitation and is proven to destroy viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces. The gas released by our product will sanitise all areas of your vehicle without the need to wipe it down. This reduces the risk of contracting an infection. How To Use AirVidox Simply mix A into B, add 60ml of cold water to activate and place the solution in your vehicle for 8 hours. The solution will emit a gas which destroys viruses and bacteria within your vehicle. After 8 hours, open the vehicle doors and let the gas dissipate before removing the AirVidox jar. AirVidox leaves no harmful residue and no dangerous by-products.
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