AirVidox Odour Eliminator Kit
AirVidox Odour Eliminator. This is a commercial strength product please read and follow the instructions to the letter!!!! This product really does work kills all known bad aromas dead! gone forever!!!!! AirVidox removes vehicle odours permanently and is extremely easy to use. Simply mix the two components together to activate and place the solution in your vehicle for 4 hours. The solution will emit a gas which oxidises odours within your vehicle thereby permanently removing the odour. It will leave your vehicle smelling clean and fresh. Once the treatment is complete, simply remove the solution and run it under an outside tap to deactivate. AirVidox leaves no harmful residue and no dangerous by-products. Only treat your vehicle if it is outside and in a well ventilated space. For the most effective treatment, ensure that the source of the odour has been cleaned.

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