3M 3030 Green Masking Tape 25mm
The new 3M 3030 25mm green-coloured, smooth creped masking tape from 3M to suit a wide variety of bodyshop applications. Using a specially formulated cross-linked rubber/resin adhesive, Scotch® Tape 3030 has been developed to provide a good balance of properties for the modern bodyshop and specifically in use with water-based paint applications. Flexible and consistent in use, the new green tape leaves a sharp, clean paint line with less build-up. Water compatible, there is no adhesive transfer even when exposed to moisture or UV. Offering 100°C temperature performance and superior water resistance, Scotch® Tape 3030 sticks and stays when applied, with no lifting or edge curl, yet offers clean and easy removal. Performs well with water based paint systems. Sticks easily and resists lifting No need to re-mask after wet sanding. Clean removal and resists slivering.

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